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I really like the rechargeable battery function because I don't always have to leave this plugged in like other traditional alarm clocks. You are getting a very good quality product so don't hesitate if you are looking for a hidden camera alarm clock. It serves as an extra set of eyes while I am away.

This is a good clock with temperature sensor that is why I purchase it to use as a baby monitor for my child's room. It's a very sleek clock that has a built in battery that holds charge for at least three days now. It's bright and the alarm works well on it. I can disable the display if I do not want my child to see the light at night without any issues and press the button to turn it back on.

The clock setting was super simple and I got it up and going in matters of minutes. The not so discreet hidden camera has impressive video quality in the day. It has a minimalistic design which is very functional. I love products with many options like this hidden camera. I primarily use it in our bedroom to keep an eye on our maid who comes when my wife and I are away. It does an impressive job with good video clarity and a bright display clock.

Digital Spy - Wikipedia

The alarm sound is impressive. The motion notifications are quick with minimal lag. I like the app which has a simple interface with many options built in yet it doesn't confuse you. Connecting to the camera is satisfying fast when you are away from your WiFi and keeping an eye on what's going on.

Although, it displays that the camera is disconnected on the home screen of the app and yet, it still pushes motion notifications and connects to the camera flawlessly. I assume its a bug. The connection to the camera and the WiFi was straightforward and didn't consume much time.

I recommend you go through the manual once before you start setting up the product. There is a slight bit of learning curve on how to use the features of the hidden cam.

I don't have an FTP setup so I couldn't test it, but everything works great. I bought this mini spy camera. It works great. I am so glad I purchased it something I wanted. I like the size of this product is very cool.???????????? This is a real alarm clock with full function. It took me a couple minutes to set up. Love it. I am not a technical person at all. Was looking for hidden spy recorder.

This camera is everything I was looking for and more. A big plus for technophobics like myself - very easy to set up and user-friendly. Good resolution , easy to install.

Hidden Call Recorder

Have a little instruction manual very useful, the first picture is very small to read the letters on the picture but still good inversion. Quick delivery and well packed.

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The camera is not noticeable from outside and people think that it is just a tiny clock. It's truly a spy cam with clear picture quality with motion alerts. Back to home. Motion Detection Alarm Function:Alarming Notifications will be transferred to your Smartphone when the motion detection is activated. When you go out, you can set your camera to alarm you when camera detects movement. Loop Recording::Insert the Micro SD card into its slot,power it on,the camera will start to record automatically.

Digital Spy mobile british, Spy on his texting free

When the memory space is full,the camera will overwrite the files from oldest to newest. And these special IR lights are totally invisible to the human eye Love this hidden security camera, great quality 5 stars. Powerful 5 stars. It's a waste 1 stars. Well Made and Work Nice 5 stars. Small but good 5 stars.

The evaluation number of this product has already been 77, and the reference value is very high. The camera acts as a simple and functional digital clock. Connect multiple RecorderGear brand cameras to the RecorderGear app to keep all your surveillance in one place and easily accessible. Use the battery or plug into a wall-outlet to ensure uninterrupted surveillance. When motion detection is enabled, the device will send you an alarm push notification automatically on your phone if motion is detected.

You can choose a sensitivity level for Motion detection. It has 4 levels.

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Note: Please turn off the camera,next insert micro SD card into camera, next turn on the camera. Quality Warranty: Facamword Hidden Spy Clock Camera support 1 year quality warranty and lifelong provide free technical support and maintenance services. If you have any question, please free to contact our customer service, we will reply you soon. Good features Motion Detection alert useful 5 stars. Keep an eye on the clock please! Undetectable 5 stars. Very discreet and unnoticeable.

go Good size alarm clock and good quality camera. Multipurpose alarm clock 5 stars. Good clock and sleek 4 stars. Not so discreet 4 stars. Great mini spy camera 5 stars. A real alarm clock 5 stars. It's like the tip of an iceberg 5 stars. Definitely fits the price point. Cool fun gadget to play with. This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is This is a very important reference data.

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Nobody will ever know that the area is under surveillance. The Led time light can be turned off by pressing the "Plus" button. Which is a big plus! You can set the alarm function on the App. The evaluation number of this product has already been 40, and the reference value is very high. Hidden camera built in a common alarm clock, features photos taking, video and motion detection recording.

The evaluation number of this product has already been 19, and the reference value is very high. No Pinhole. Extremely Covert. No one will know it's a Spy Camera. And these special IR lights are totally invisible to the human eye. Wifi Hidden Desk clock camera -This is also a network camera.

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